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Learned From Watching Florida Police Vlogs Part 1

In 2024, Police Departments across the world have taken to social media as an educational tool to deter crime and raise awareness for public safety issues. Florida has some great examples and there’s some great content out that’s genuinely entertaining even if you’re not a traffic ticket lawyer. We went deep into the rabbit hole […]

A Traffic Lawyer’s Guide To Law Enforcement In Florida Waterways

Florida is home to over 1 million registered vessels according to a 2022 FWC announcement. This means the Sunshine State is also home to some of the heaviest law enforcement on the water. In this post we’ll go over some of the different law enforcement agencies you’ll find at sea and some of the common strategies they […]

New Florida bill aims to make left lanes “pass only” enforcement stricter with HB 317

Are you frustrated by motorists hogging the left lane? The Florida Legislature might be on your side with a proposed legislation to prohibit this habit. Introduced by Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka, R-Fort Myers, HB 317, branded as the Interstate Safety, intends to impose penalties on drivers who occupy the left-most lane on highways with a minimum speed limit […]

Traffic Lawyer Report: Florida’s Speeding Ticket “Hotspots” What You Need To Know

In 2022, the amount of traffic tickets across the state across all categories rose by 6.5% from 2.48 million to 2.64 million. Since 2020, that number has risen 28%. We analyzed Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Vehicles data release on uniform traffic violations. Some places in the state have seen increased enforcement while others […]

What You Need To Know About Florida’s New Toll Law

During a special session, Florida lawmakers approved a measure (SB 6-A) that will provide a 50 percent credit back to motorists who record 35 or more toll-road trips in a month. After being signed by the Governor, the program will last for a year, with lawmakers agreeing to spend $500 million to help toll agencies […]

Are Golf Carts Legal On Public Roads In Florida? 

By now, just about everyone in Florida has heard about former Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor’s recent traffic stop where she was stopped in her golf cart and allegedly used her position to get a pass from the officer. Some of you are probably thinking “I’ve seen golf carts all over Florida roads, aren’t they […]

New Traffic Law Targets Florida Drivers With Loud Music

Loud music could fetch a $114 ticket in the state of Florida starting July 1st 2022. The new law will give law enforcement yet another reason to issue you a citation. Many think it’s unfair and could lead to selective enforcement. On the other hand, emergency service workers think it could help drivers hear their […]

Warning – Do Not Fall For This Red Light Camera Ticket Scam

In recent months, our legal assistants and lawyers have seen an uptick in fraudulent red light camera violations being sent to our clients in the mail. This sophisticated scam has become increasingly common especially in South Florida. Below is an example of a fake that our office has recently acquired. As you can see, it […]

Traffic Lawyer Report: Florida’s 2021 Speeding Ticket “Hotspots”

In 2021, the world eased into a post-COVID19 “new normal.” Florida was busy again rather quickly, a key indicator that people were getting back to work was the traffic on our roadways. Clearly, Florida law enforcement agencies were back to work because they issued 20% more traffic tickets than in 2020. We looked at FLSMV’s […]

Traffic Lawyer Report: Palm Beach County By The Numbers

Over the last decade, Palm Beach County has seen explosive population growth. It is now the 2nd most populated Florida county with 1.524 mil residents according to the 2020 census. That’s over a 15% increase in total population. All those new people leads to more traffic congestion and ultimately more law enforcement on the streets […]