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2024 Red Light Camera Update For Florida Motorists

July 11, 2024

Finally some good news regarding Red Light Cameras. A new Florida state law went into effect on July 1st that will bring more transparency and scrutiny to these programs. HB1363 requires all cities that use the cameras to produce detailed annual reports that include financials and discuss any new contracts in public meetings.

In 2010, Florida passed laws allowing red light cameras then in 2016 citations peaked – 348,000 were issued across the state. Data shows about 155,000 people paid the $158 fine outright which comes out to about 25 million dollars in revenue. Whoa.

Over time, public outcry and efforts by The Ticket Clinic have led to the discontinuation of some red light camera programs but there are still plenty of cameras clicking away. In 2022, a study showed that traffic crashes increased at intersections running camera systems discrediting any notion that they’re a benefit to public safety. In 2016, there were 67 jurisdictions using red light cameras across the state but in 2023 that number was down to 42.

The good news? This has driven the number of red light camera tickets significantly lower. In 2023, about 244,000 citations were issued, down about 100,000 from the 2016 peak. Will the new law make this number go even lower? Let’s hope so.