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What Should You Avoid While Driving

June 26, 2015

In Florida, driving is not a right you become automatically entitled to. It is a privilege that must be earned by adhering to proper driving principles. Any infraction can cost you dearly in terms of suspended license, hefty fines, points on traffic record and even imprisonment. If you happen to incur many violation points through traffic tickets in Florida and so on within a defined time period on your license, you are in for trouble. The five things discussed below are what you should definitely avoid while driving or else you may invite serious problems.

Driving under influence

Most of us tend to take the car for a spin after consuming alcohol hoping that it would go unnoticed. But, Florida roads surveillance is conducted in a hawk-eyed manner by officers and through traffic cameras. This means that any abnormality in the traffic pattern would be taken note of and you would be penalized accordingly. So, you must stay away from such illegal actions.

Reckless driving

Your careless driving puts others’ lives and assets at risk, apart from endangering your own life. It is a serious traffic offence. The main reasons for reckless driving are texting or chatting while driving, driving while inebriated, and so on. Traffic infractions of this type can cause you 4 violation points on your driving license. This is something to really worry about.

Leaving the scene of an accident with damage of at least $50

If you are caught in an accident while driving, you should not flee the scene if the perceivable asset damage is worth more than $50. It is not just unethical but such a gesture also invites legal consequences. This infraction is viewed seriously and can attract traffic tickets in Miami apart from other punitive actions. Accidents are not deliberate and you should wait for the arrival of traffic enforcement officer on the scene. You will also become eligible for 6 violation points.

Going past the posted speed limit by 15 MPH or more

Over-speeding is a major reason for issuance of traffic tickets Florida. While driving, you need to respect the posted speed limits to avoid accidents. It is obvious that over speeding reduces your control over the vehicle. 4 violation points would added to your traffic record, if you are adjudged guilty of the same.

Exhibiting disobedience of traffic control signals

Jumping the red light signal or not obeying other traffic controls should be strictly avoided while driving, to ensure optimal safety for your self and the other drivers on the road Always remember that all have equal rights on road and you should respect this fact.

You can steer clear of traffic tickets Miami by following the above mentioned tips while driving.

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