Traffic Ticket Attorney

All About Parking Tickets

April 9, 2013

We are often asked about parking tickets: Will a parking ticket put points on my license?  Will they cause my insurance premiums to rise?  Here are some details about parking tickets to put inquiring minds at ease.

Parking laws vary by city but generally, you have thirty days from the date you receive the ticket to either pay the parking ticket or request a hearing.  Once you pay the ticket, you cannot contest it.  In Florida points are not assessed for failing to pay parking tickets but a registration “stop” may be issued for failure to pay parking tickets, which means you cannot register your vehicle until after the fines and late fees are paid, in addition to any service charges.  If you fail to pay multiple tickets, the city can send your debt to a collections agency, which can result in additional fines.  If you have a simple expired meter parking ticket, it is much cheaper to pay it upon receipt, rather than stuffing it into a glove compartment and letting the debts pile up.