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Are Florida Cops Still Writing Traffic Tickets During Quarantine?

August 13, 2020

The answer is yes! Since lockdown in March, traffic tickets have been steadily rising and are almost back to pre-covid levels in some parts of the state. If you thought authorities would be giving people are break during these pressing times, think again. In the third week of July thousands of red light camera violations were issued just in Dade county!

As Florida began reopening its economy and lifting stay-at-home orders in June, residents and tourists quickly flocked to the Sunshine state’s beaches and attractions. This boom of activity has increased traffic congestion and unsafe driving incidents even though traffic volume is still lower due to COVID-19.

With roadway volume still lower than before the pandemic began in March, many drivers took advantage and racked up more charges for things like reckless driving including speeding more than 100 mph. To lower the number of related accidents, Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) are working closely together to enforce state driving and public safety laws.

Impact of Reckless Driving on Florida Roads

Compared to this time last year, traffic citations are down across the state, and while overall violations have fallen due to COVID-19 quarantine orders, there is a rise in more serious offenses like DUI and speeding.

Since Florida has begun reopening parts of its economy and lifting stay-at-home orders, it is unsurprising there is a slow upward trend in everyday traffic incidents like rear-end and side-swipe collisions. These incidents may be partly due to tourism return to the state’s favorite attractions and beaches, which puts more people on the road. Coupled with the relief of no longer being pent up due to the pandemic, many of these drivers are zooming faster than allowed on less congested roadways.

Florida Highway Patrol Still Stopping Traffic Violators

Early on during the initial requirement to stay home and avoid possibly coming into contact or spreading COVID-19 to others, FHP and FLHSMV recognized the need to prioritize law-enforcement officer safety and minimize contact with drivers. To accomplish this, highway patrol officers will not focus on minor infractions when policing Florida roads, and instead enforce public safety risks like excessive speeding, DWI, and accidents.

FLHSMV has also released a helpful guideline on its website to remind residents and out of towners about the importance of not driving recklessly at high rates of speed and never impaired. This effort is part of the “Arrive Alive” campaign to reduce the number of traffic fatalities that occur on Florida roadways every year.

Consequences of Traffic Violations in Florida

Despite most Florida traffic courts operating on limited availability due to COVID-19 restrictions, those ticketed for infractions can are still responsible for fines and possible court appearances.

FHP takes driving unsafely seriously and will actively stop those who are endangering the public on the highway. If you get pulled over for this behavior, the Florida State Uniform Traffic Code can hand out several punishments in response, including:

  • Points on your driver’s license, record
  • License suspension, revocation, or cancellation
  • Higher auto insurance costs
  • Additional surcharges

Speeding points are the most commonly given record point in the state of Florida, and one should note that anything 30 mph over the speed limit will demand a court appearance. Most criminal traffic offenses qualify as misdemeanors, though felony charges are possible depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. At the end of the day, your record could take a devastating hit if convicted of traffic violations.

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