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Are You Falling for These Traffic Ticket Myths in Florida?

October 27, 2017

Have you recently been given a traffic ticket by a police officer? You might assume that you understand how to handle this situation and the most common mistakes that people make, but the truth is that many individuals fall for numerous myths as it relates to a Florida traffic ticket. What follows are some of the most common myths that could end up costing you significantly.

Having unpaid tickets on your record can lead to future problems, but it’s just as risky to pay the ticket without first considering the consequences.

Myth #1: All Documentation Errors Are Equal

You might assume that any error on your ticket will lead to your case being dismissed. It’s important to realize that certain mistakes have more weight than others.

If the officer wrote down information, but put it on the wrong field on the form used, this is a clerical error, but this is not an error that would lead to recounting the violation. Mistakes regarding violations, however, are not taken as lightly. Some of the most common errors include:

  • The documentation includes the wrong violation.
  • Wrong vehicle information.
  • Incorrect driver’s license information.

You should contact a knowledgeable Florida traffic ticket attorney to have your citation reviewed if there are errors on the violation itself.

Myth #2: Automatic Dismissals Are Available for Mistaken Tickets

There are certain errors that when included on your traffic violation could lead to a dismissal of the ticket overall, but there are no guarantees. Even when you do get a ticket that has errors in the documentation, you need to show up for your court date. More severe consequences may apply if you do not show up.

Myth #3: Tickets in Other States Don’t Count

You might have gotten a traffic ticket in Florida while you were on vacation there or you might be a Florida resident who received a traffic ticket elsewhere.

Technology has certainly caught up to being able to flag individuals who have tickets in different states. With digital information sharing that is common between states, a ticket from one state can haunt you just as much as a ticket from your state of residence. Tickets are often forwarded directly to your home address and will show up on your driving record. So, bear this in mind when you are given a traffic ticket in another state.

Myth #4: Traffic Tickets Are Dismissed Automatically If the Officer Fails to Attend Court

Many people are under the perception that their ticket will be automatically dropped if the officer who gave them the ticket doesn’t show up to the court. However, this is not always the case.

While the court does allow you the opportunity to face your accuser directly, this doesn’t mean that you are entirely off the hook for the traffic ticket if the officer fails to show. The judge is responsible for exhibiting discretion and he or she will make the rules.

Myth #5: Making Excuses Will Help You Avoid Tickets Overall

You might want to explain yourself if you are pulled over and given a traffic ticket citation in Florida, but the bad part about this is that you could admit guilt without realizing this and it could make it more problematic for you to fight the ticket. Unless there is a serious emergency that you were attempting to get to at the time of the ticket, do not give too many details to the officer, if you want any chance of fighting this later.

Myth #6: Signing Your Ticket Means an Admission of Guilt

You will need to sign your ticket to acknowledge receipt. Bear in mind that this does not mean you are admitting guilt. If you refuse to sign the ticket, additional penalties may apply. Police officers often view themselves in many cases as simply doing their jobs. They may have requested that you sign the ticket simply so that they can file the paperwork. Being uncooperative and refusing to sign the ticket could lead to further problems with the officer or even being arrested and taken to jail.

Even though a traffic ticket with a mistake does have a higher chance of being dismissed when you get to court, it is not automatic and this depends on several factors, especially the severity of the mistakes. If you do receive a ticket with errors, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with a Florida traffic ticket attorney so that you know what you can expect. Call 1-800-CITATION today.