Traffic Ticket Attorney

Driving with a Suspended License?

December 11, 2012

It is illegal to drive with a suspended license in Florida – most people know that.  But we are always amazed at the number of people who drive anyway, knowing that their license has been suspended.  We get it – you need to get around.  But knowingly driving with a suspended license is a criminal offense and can result in jail time and having your drivers license revoked for up to five years!  Even if you did not have knowledge of the suspension, you may still face civil penalties.

There are a variety of reasons why your drivers license might be suspended, including (but not limited to) failure to appear in court, failure to pay fines or court costs, DUI refusal or arrest and child support delinquency.

If you are caught driving with a suspended license, consider speaking with an experienced traffic law attorney who can work with you to try to get your driving privileges restored.  The lawyers at the Ticket Clinic have defended over 1 million traffic tickets, in Florida, California and nationwide.  If you need advice about your suspended drivers license, call us today at 1.800.CITATION.