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How “Sleeping it Off” Can Lead to a DUI

September 18, 2013

So you went out drinking last night, but you were responsible and took a cab home.  Now it’s morning and time to head to work so you brew a pot of coffee, scramble some eggs, hop in your car and drive to the office.  Could you be nabbed for a DUI?  It is probably the last thing on your mind but it is a real possibility that you should be aware of after a night of heavy drinking.

Consider this: Age, weight, gender, food consumption and how quickly you downed those drinks will all play a role in how quickly you sober up.  Generally, your blood alcohol content (BAC) lowers by a rate of about .015 percent per hour.  So if you are out drinking till 2 am with a BAC of .2 percent and you wake up at 8 am, your BAC is still around .110, which is over the legal limit in all states.

There are websites that claim to calculate your BAC based upon your weight, alcohol consumption and type of alcohol consumed, but every individual metabolizes alcohol differently so when in doubt, stay off the roads.

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