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Is it Possible to Get a DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving in Florida?

November 13, 2014

Yes, it is possible to get a DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving.

If you are arrested for DUI, one of the smart moves is to ask for a reduction to reckless driving. You should understand that accepting the DUI charge and bearing all the penalties is not the only solution. Those who understand the legal side of it will probably act wisely by hiring an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney, who will protect their rights. At The Ticket Clinic, we focus mainly on DUI and work to  your advantage.

In the event of being charged with a DUI, make it a point to waste no time and arrange a consultation with a DUI attorney to give them all the relevant information and to understand how the attorney can help you with the case. After evaluating the case, the attorney will tell you where you stand and how to proceed. If you find yourself in any of the circumstances given below, there is a chance of getting your DUI reduced.

If you have handled the situation sensibly

When you are asked to pull over, most people panic and behave strangely. However, if you keep your calm and show respect towards the police officer, things can work out favorably for you. In the video evidences that come along with the DUI cases, your attitude will be revealed and the prosecutor will judge you accordingly. By seeing these videos , a jury can tell if you are among the bad guys or good guys.

If you spoke coherently

Sometimes what you say is used against you. In a Florida DUI case, slurred speech is one of the evidences you need to overcome. If you spoke coherently, you may get your charges reduced.

Refused the breath test

Refusing a breath test doesn’t always put someone charged for DUI in a better position. However, refusing to blow into the breath machine, the state will have one less piece of evidence to pursue a conviction. This depends completely on the facts of the case, and your attorney can use it appropriately.

If you were stopped for some other traffic violation

Your criminal charge may be reduced or dismissed, if you are stopped for some other traffic violation like weaving or failure to maintain a single lane. In case you are stopped for causing an accident. But, in many accident cases, it may be difficult for the state to prove you were behind the wheel. This is an essential element of the crime.

All these situations may reduce, or dismiss your DUI charges. The attorney will check your criminal history and if you have a clean record, the chances to get your DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving in Florida increases. Know your rights. Remember the state has to prove your guilt beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. You don’t have to disprove anything. Before you act, be sure to talk to an experienced DUI attorney.