Traffic Ticket Attorney

License Plate-Scanning Cameras: What You Need to Know

July 8, 2013

Many police cars are equipped with small cameras that scan license plates.  Through this invasion of our privacy, law enforcement officials claim they are able to locate stolen vehicles and apprehend individuals driving with a suspended license.

Most recently, the Sun Sentinel reported that the City of Fort Lauderdale is considering using cameras to catch license plates associated with unpaid parking tickets.  The cameras would be attached to traffic enforcement vehicles and officers would boot cars with three or more unpaid parking tickets.  This is the latest way for cash-strapped cities to try to generate revenue.  The Sun Sentinel reports that a three hour test of the system netted the City of Fort Lauderdale $2,345.65, which included late fees and penalties.

Programs that scan license plates violate individual privacies.  Notwithstanding claims about improving safety and catching the bad guys, these cameras are intended as revenue generators.  Keep an eye out for the roving cameras and The Ticket Clinic will continue to bring you the latest news on this topic as the programs unfold.