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Pulled Over? Here Are Some Dos and Don’ts

April 5, 2013

So you are driving down the street and suddenly you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror.  After muttering some expletives under your breath, you pull over to the side of the road and await your fate.  Now what?  Here are some tips to make the experience as smooth as possible:

1) Pull over slowly.

Try not to cut anyone off or do anything else that might encourage further citations.

2) Stay in your car with your hands on the steering wheel until the officer gets to your car.

It is not a good idea to take off your seat belt and start rummaging around in your glove compartment for your registration until you are asked to do so by the officer.

3) Be polite but anonymous.

The more you talk, the more the police officer will remember you, which will likely not serve you well in court.  You want to blend in with every other person he pulls over so that he will not remember the particulars – this may increase your chances of having the ticket dismissed.  Do not try to be cute or clever or funny.  This is not the time.

4) Do not admit to speeding (or whatever the officer claims you did), even if you think you have a really good excuse.

Saying you have to go to the bathroom really badly will likely not get you out of a ticket.  In the same vein, do not argue with the officer about whether or not you were actually speeding.  It is unlikely the officer will say “you know, you’re right, my bad” and send you on your way.  Try to remain quiet and respectful.

5) Hire a professional or fight it yourself

If you do receive a citation, you can check out our earlier post about how to fight a speeding ticket,or consider hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help fight your case.  The Ticket Clinic, founded in 1987, has handled over 1 million traffic-related citations, including DUI.  Call us at 1.800.CITATION if you have any questions about your ticket.