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Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

June 12, 2015

Road accidents caused by reckless driving constitute the fifth leading cause of deaths in Florida. This has necessitated the implementation of strict driving laws; careless driving can subject you to Florida speeding ticket or other penalties.

Adhering religiously to the top ten defensive driving tips will insulate you from a suspended license in Florida.

1) Don’t get distracted while driving

You should not allow your attention to stray while driving. Keep focussed on the road and the controls of your vehicle. Don’t engage in spirited discussions with co-passengers or allow phones, AC or other elements to interfere with your driving. Multi-tasking must be avoided and in case if you want to do anything, stop the vehicle and do the task.

2) Drive prudently and don’t trust other drivers on road

You need to perfect your driving skills and always remember that other drivers may be reckless and commit mistakes. So, proper care must be taken no matter how much of an expert you are.

3) Drive slowly

Behind the wheels of your car, you may experience an ineffable thrill in speeding. But higher the speed of the car, the more time it would take to come to a halt and consequently the crash impact would be more severe. Don’t exceed the recommended speed limits. The instructions are for your safety.

4) Equip you vehicle with safety devices

Drive a car that has a high safety rating and has got sufficient number of air bags, child restraints, seat belt adjusters and other personal protective equipment installed. It may be a bit expensive but your life is priceless.

5) Always use the seat belt

Buckling up reduces the injury potential in a crash by about fifty percent. Though it may seem irritating, using seat belts is a very wise thing to do.

6) Don’t drive after boozing

Driving under the influence is the leading cause of many road accidents and such reckless driving Florida practice is severely dealt with by traffic laws.

7) Pull over on red signal

Jumping the red light can lead to fatal intersection collisions. As you approach an intersection, slow down and keep an eye for the various signposts that should dictate your driving pattern over there.

8) Use blinkers

Seamless lane changes and turns can be brought about by the use of blinkers which allows other drivers to take note of your vehicle turning and slow down accordingly.

9) Don’t’ text or chat over phone while driving

Such actions can cost you dearly. Any distraction can invite dangerous mishaps.

10) Always maintain safe distance between yourself and other vehicles

Tailgating is attributed with majority of rear end collisions and you will be liable for footing the damage bills.

Reckless driving in Florida can land you in serious trouble and you can escape the same by observing these defensive driving tips.

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