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Traffic Lawyer Report: Florida’s 2021 Speeding Ticket “Hotspots”

April 4, 2022

In 2021, the world eased into a post-COVID19 “new normal.” Florida was busy again rather quickly, a key indicator that people were getting back to work was the traffic on our roadways. Clearly, Florida law enforcement agencies were back to work because they issued 20% more traffic tickets than in 2020.

We looked at FLSMV’s 2021 traffic ticket stats to see if there were any traffic enforcement “hotspots” in the state of Florida. Here’s what we found.

Speeding Tickets By County

Speeding Tickets By Agency

Of all the speeding tickets issued in Florida, more than half of them were written in the first 6 counties listed in the chart. For the last several years, Miami-Dade has claimed the top spot for the amount of speeding tickets issued. In 2021, Miami officers gave out over 75k speeding tickets, a 50% increase over the previous year. However, Miami is not the biggest “hotspot” in the state.

Jacksonville / Duval County Is Still Florida’s #1 Speeding Ticket “Hotspot”

In our first report in 2017, we identifed Duval County as a hotspot and the area countinues to trend. Duval County was the only major county that actually saw growth in speeding tickets throughout COVID. 24% more speeding tickets were written post-COVID in 2020 (49,700) than in 2019 (40,178.) Last year, almost 67k were issued which is a 65% increase from 2019. Based on this data and relative to population, Duval County is top place to get a speeding ticket in the state of Florida.

Don’t Forget About The Florida Keys – Another Speed Trap Hotspot

The Florida Keys are known for scenic drives but we joke that they should also be famous for speeding tickets. Law Enforcement agencies from Key Largo to Key West wrote a respectable 10,944 speeding tickets. The area has very low speed limits and speed traps all over. Many vacationers bring home an extra souvenir from the keys – a speeding ticket. Check out our newest office location in Tavernier.

“Hot Spots” For Florida Traffic Tickets

With 2.724 million people, it’s not shocking that Miami-Dade takes the first spot when it comes to all traffic tickets issued. This includes everything from driving without a license or insurance, red light violations and even criminal traffic violations like DUI or Racing on the Highway. Miami law enforcement wrote a whopping 571k in 2021.

No other county comes close! Beleive it or not, Palm Beach is the second highest issuer of traffic tickets and their officers only wrote 192k. While Duval county is our top spot for speeding tickets, they only rank 5th in total tickets issued.

Redlight Camera Violations Are Still A Major Pain For Florida Drivers

While some cities have chosen to remove their red light cameras others have stepped up their usage. In 2021, 213,000 red light camera violations were sent to drivers across the state. This is roughly 9% of all tickets issued. These tickets hit Florida motorists in their pockets for roughly $34 million dollars.

Got A Traffic Ticket? Call An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney

All too often people who receive a traffic citation simply pay the fine and/or admit guilt. Other times people ignore the ticket and it ends up turning into a more serious offense like a suspended license. Regardless of the situation, most traffic citations can turn into a big headache if they are not taken care of properly. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Florida who has experience fighting traffic citations is always a good idea. The Ticket Clinic has been helping motorists for over 30 years and has traffic attorneys in all Florida counties ready to assist you. We have resolved over 5,000,000 cases and counting so don’t wait, Call 1-800-Citation Today.