Traffic Ticket Attorney

Wanted: Class Action Representatives

July 7, 2016

As we have done in the past, please allow this e-mail to serve as an update for the pending Red Light Camera Class Action lawsuit.  The case has now been pending for close to one year, but is still in the early stages.  Our law firm, along with our co-counsels are continuing to work hard to try to get the legal issues before the Federal Court.  The Federal Court has still not yet ruled on the legality of the red light camera cases or decided whether the case can proceed as a class action.

We are continuing our search for Class Representatives.  These individuals will serve the entire class, acting and making decisions that are in the best interest of the other class members.

In order to serve as a Class Representative, a person must:

1.    Have received a Notice of Violation (NOV) for a red light camera violation that occurred before October 15, 2014.  The NOV must have been paid, and not challenged in court or at a city hearing.  If you hired a lawyer to fight the case, or fought it yourself, you will not be permitted to serve as a Class Representative for that particular violation.

2.    Have no convictions for any prior crimes.

If you qualify, based on the above criteria, and have an interest in serving as a Class Representative, I would like to speak with you.  Please be prepared to produce a copy of your NOV if you still have it. Also, please locate your proof or payment for the NOV as well.

Once you have located the necessary documents, please e-mail us at

We will reply to your e-mail, and answer your questions at that time.  We are searching for a limited number of Class Representatives for each city that has operated red light cameras in Florida.