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Recent Wins in July

Orange County Charge – Racing on a Highway Result – Case Dismissed 2016 CT **** Our client was arrested and charged with Racing on a Highway after an Officer with the Apopka Police Department used a Laser speed measuring device to clock him doing 101 mph in a 45 mph zone. The Officer’s report did […]

I Drive Really Slow in the Ultra-Fast Lane…

Denis Leary had plenty to say about slowpokes driving in the left lane and now so do Florida legislators. A new law make it a ticketable offense to drive 10 or more miles below the speed limit in the left lane without getting out of the way for oncoming vehicles.  We are interested to see […]

Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car!

It’s summertime.  So whether you’re a Ticket Clinic follower in Florida, California or elsewhere, it is probably warming up in your neck of the woods.  This is a good time to remember to NEVER leave your pet unattended in a parked car.  When the temperature is hot outside, it can get up to 30 degrees […]

Open Container Laws Explained

Many states have so-called open container laws, which make it illegal to have an open container of alcohol anywhere in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.  If you are the driver of the vehicle, it is important for you to know that you can be cited under an open container law even if you are […]

The True Cost of a DUI

Check out The Ticket Clinic’s Ted Hollander talking with Money Talk News about the true cost of a DUI. While you might think a DUI will never happen to you, one drink too many at happy hour can change your life.  Check out what Ted has to say, and if you received a DUI and […]

Click It Or Ticket Season is Upon Us! Buckle Up

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s annual “Click It Or Ticket” campaign runs from May 20 – June 2.  Local law enforcement agencies nationwide will be cracking down this Memorial Day weekend on violators of seat belt and child restraint laws as part of a nationwide effort to enforce these laws. In Florida, anyone in […]

The Ticket Clinic at the DUB Show on Miami Beach

The Ticket Clinic had a busy week.  First, we watched our hometown Miami Heat beat the Bulls to clinch a spot in the conference finals. Then, we took our talents to South Beach and showcased The Ticket Clinic at the DUB Show, the world’s largest custom car show, at the Miami Beach Convention Center:

Speeding Ticket Urban Legend Unmasked

A friend of The Ticket Clinic reached out to us to clear up this urban legend that has made its way around the internet.  There are several versions of the tale floating around, but here is the one we received: If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light, or whatever the case may […]

Red Light Camera Tracker: Know the Locations

At The Ticket Clinic, we are at the forefront of the red light camera issue.  We believe that the cameras are an unconstitutional violation of drivers’ rights that serve only to generate revenue for cash-strapped cities. This handy link from allows you to see where the red light cameras are in your cities. Check […]