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A Traffic Lawyer’s Guide To Law Enforcement In Florida Waterways

Florida is home to over 1 million registered vessels according to a 2022 FWC announcement. This means the Sunshine State is also home to some of the heaviest law enforcement on the water. In this post we’ll go over some of the different law enforcement agencies you’ll find at sea and some of the common strategies they […]

New Florida bill aims to make left lanes “pass only” enforcement stricter with HB 317

Are you frustrated by motorists hogging the left lane? The Florida Legislature might be on your side with a proposed legislation to prohibit this habit. Introduced by Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka, R-Fort Myers, HB 317, branded as the Interstate Safety, intends to impose penalties on drivers who occupy the left-most lane on highways with a minimum speed limit […]

Warning – Do Not Fall For This Red Light Camera Ticket Scam

In recent months, our legal assistants and lawyers have seen an uptick in fraudulent red light camera violations being sent to our clients in the mail. This sophisticated scam has become increasingly common especially in South Florida. Below is an example of a fake that our office has recently acquired. As you can see, it […]

Speeding in a School Zone in Florida | What You Need To Know

picture of a car speeding in a school zone

It’s not a charge that’s taken lightly. Speeding in a school zone can have deadly consequences for children who, by their very nature, are very vulnerable and in need of special care and protection. As such, penalties for unsafe speed in a school zone are enhanced. Fines, points on your driving record, and increased insurance […]


What is the fine for passing a school bus in florida

Every school day busses transport students to and from school and the process of loading and unloading children calls for procedures that ensure their safety. For this purpose, school busses have safety equipment, such as flashing yellow and red lights, along with an extendable arm with a stop sign. These safety features, combined with related […]


Things to know when driving in a construction zone

Unsafe driving in work zones is taken very seriously in the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Transportation reported that in 2016 Florida had one of the highest rates of construction zone fatalities in the entire country. There were workers present in more than a third of the incidents and almost half of the […]

Join us at The Mid America Trucking Show

The Ticket Clinic is hitting the highway to attend The Mid America Trucking Show to connect with professional drivers across the nation. This conference will take place March 28th to the 30th and is one of the largest in the country. Over 80,000 transportation professionals are expected to attend and we hope to meet as […]

Hiring a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Florida

reckless driving

There are certain charges no driver wants to see on their record. With the exception of a DUI offense, reckless driving is one of the worst offenses a driver can find themselves obtaining. As there are a number of ways that you could be subject to receiving a reckless driving offense, it is important to […]

Fighting a Red Light Camera Traffic Ticket in Florida

Red Light Camera

Maybe you turned right at a red light, stopped over the line at the intersection, or passed through just as the light turned red. If so, you may come to receive a hefty fine in the mail if you have been found in violation of a red light camera. Understanding how these devices work and […]

August Wins

**Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.  Case#: 16ctXXXX  Charge: DUI Result: Dismissed Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a car facing westbound in the eastbound lane with two flat tires. When deputies approached the car our client was asleep, when asked if everything was okay our client told them […]