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Tips to Reduce Your Red Light Ticket Fine

Red light ticket Florida is disproportionately high and nothing is more distressing than receiving a red light ticket fine in your mail. But, you can have your fine reduced by adhering to the below mentioned tips. Watch out for ‘Photo Enforced Sign’ You should ascertain beforehand if the road intersection has a red light camera […]

Fighting a Red Light Camera Traffic Ticket in Florida

Red Light Camera

Maybe you turned right at a red light, stopped over the line at the intersection, or passed through just as the light turned red. If so, you may come to receive a hefty fine in the mail if you have been found in violation of a red light camera. Understanding how these devices work and […]

Can you Ignore A Red Light Camera Ticket in Florida?

Ignoring traffic tickets in Florida can lead to unnecessary complications. However due to your busy schedule, suppose you do end up ignoring an important traffic violation notification such as a red light camera ticket in Florida, you should be aware of the repercussions of this. A red light camera in Florida notes when the driver […]

New Report Suggests Manatee County Put Profits Over Safety

florida speeding laws man holding radar gun

  As the red light camera debate continues in Florida. a recent report from 10 Investigates revealed that in Manatee County officials are strategically installing red light cameras at specific intersections based upon the ability to generate revenue. According to the report, of the 10 most dangerous intersections, only one is actually monitored by a […]

Red Light Camera Citations Down?

This blurb in the Sun Sentinel caught our eye.  It claims that red light camera citations in Florida are down during the period of 2010 – 2013 and asks “are we getting used to red light cameras?” But more likely citations could be down as a result of many cities suspending or ending their red […]

The Ticket Clinic Continues to Fight Red Light Cameras in Florida

The Ticket Clinic’s Robert Azcano was featured in this weekend’s Orlando Sentinel discussing the changes to Florida’s red light camera appeals process and how it works to the detriment of Florida motorists.  To read the article, click here. If you have received a red light camera ticket, consider speaking to an experienced traffic ticket attorney […]

Right Turn on Red: Can You Get a Red Light Camera Ticket?

Red Light Camera

At The Ticket Clinic, we have seen many turning right on a red light camera tickets.  The red light camera laws state that a red light camera ticket cannot be issued if the driver makes the turn in a “careful and prudent” manner.  While Florida law requires the driver to come to a full stop and […]

Why Should You Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

This morning, The Ticket Clinic’s Ted Hollander appeared on CBS12 News in West Palm Beach discussing our favorite topic – red light cameras.  The tickets, which are issued to the car’s owner, not necessarily the driver, are unconstitutional and are merely a way for cities to increase revenue.  Check out the link above to see […]

Ted Hollander Challenges the New Red Light Camera Law

Our own Ted Hollander spoke to Channel 10 News about the changes to the red light camera law and how the new “appeals” process is really just a way for cash-strapped cities to make more money.  Check it out!