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Why Should You Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

This morning, The Ticket Clinic’s Ted Hollander appeared on CBS12 News in West Palm Beach discussing our favorite topic – red light cameras.  The tickets, which are issued to the car’s owner, not necessarily the driver, are unconstitutional and are merely a way for cities to increase revenue.  Check out the link above to see […]

License Plate-Scanning Cameras: What You Need to Know

Many police cars are equipped with small cameras that scan license plates.  Through this invasion of our privacy, law enforcement officials claim they are able to locate stolen vehicles and apprehend individuals driving with a suspended license. Most recently, the Sun Sentinel reported that the City of Fort Lauderdale is considering using cameras to catch […]

Ted Hollander Challenges the New Red Light Camera Law

Our own Ted Hollander spoke to Channel 10 News about the changes to the red light camera law and how the new “appeals” process is really just a way for cash-strapped cities to make more money.  Check it out!

What Happens If You Drive With Expired Tags

It is illegal in Florida to drive with expired registration tags on your vehicle.  If your tags have expired within the last six months, operating a motor vehicle with expired tags is a non-criminal minor traffic infraction.  However, if your tags have been expired for more than six months, you may face stiffer penalties.  A […]

What Is A Failure To Yield Ticket?

photo of a yield traffic sign

A citation for failure to yield is a non-criminal traffic citation.  Generally, these tickets are issued following an accident when one driver’s failure to yield to the other caused the collision. Here’s an Example: John, pulls out of a strip mall, colliding with Jane, who is driving on the road.  Jane has the right of […]

Top Ten Things to Know if You Get Into a Car Accident

In today’s busy world, with so many driving distractions, car accidents are becoming increasingly frequent.  Your initial response at the time of the accident can make all the difference in the outcome. Here are some dos and don’ts if you are involved in a car accident. 1.    Be prepared and organized before an accident happens.  […]

The Move Over Law

There has been significant chatter recently about Florida’s so-called “Move Over Law” and its enforcement.  The Ticket Clinic’s own Ted Hollander was quoted in last week’s Sun Sentinel in a story about the law and recent attempts to enforce it. So what is the “Move Over Law?”  Section 316.126 of Florida Statutes requires that a vehicle driving past an […]

Happy Holidays and Safe Driving from The Ticket Clinic!

With the holiday season upon us, ’tis the season to celebrate, and also a time to be careful and mindful of drinking and driving. The best course of action is to avoid drinking when there is a chance that you will need to drive. Police are particularly aware of the season, and the fact that […]