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4 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Traffic Ticket

Receiving a traffic ticket can cost you big bucks. The fines do not vary much, but the surcharges do vary by state and county. Reckless driving in Florida, for example, may incur different charges in Miami than what you would pay in Jacksonville. Before you pay the fine, always explore your options, because when you […]

Top 7 Speeding Ticket Myths in 2020

You’re cruising along on the highway, and suddenly you hear the ‘whoop-whoop’ of the police siren, see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Uh-oh! You’re being asked to pull over. You were probably going a few miles over the speed limit, without realizing it. The officer writes you a ticket for speeding. Now, what? Most […]

Tips to Reduce Your Red Light Ticket Fine

Red light ticket Florida is disproportionately high and nothing is more distressing than receiving a red light ticket fine in your mail. But, you can have your fine reduced by adhering to the below mentioned tips. Watch out for ‘Photo Enforced Sign’ You should ascertain beforehand if the road intersection has a red light camera […]

Civil Traffic Tickets vs. Criminal Traffic Tickets in Florida

Anytime you are pulled over by the police, it’s natural for your blood pressure to go up and for you to start worrying about the potential consequences. The whole experience can be so unnerving that you simply want to forget about it and move on with your life. But it’s a mistake to just pay […]