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New Report Suggests Manatee County Put Profits Over Safety

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  As the red light camera debate continues in Florida. a recent report from 10 Investigates revealed that in Manatee County officials are strategically installing red light cameras at specific intersections based upon the ability to generate revenue. According to the report, of the 10 most dangerous intersections, only one is actually monitored by a […]

The Ticket Clinic Continues to Fight Red Light Cameras in Florida

The Ticket Clinic’s Robert Azcano was featured in this weekend’s Orlando Sentinel discussing the changes to Florida’s red light camera appeals process and how it works to the detriment of Florida motorists.  To read the article, click here. If you have received a red light camera ticket, consider speaking to an experienced traffic ticket attorney […]

Why Should You Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

This morning, The Ticket Clinic’s Ted Hollander appeared on CBS12 News in West Palm Beach discussing our favorite topic – red light cameras.  The tickets, which are issued to the car’s owner, not necessarily the driver, are unconstitutional and are merely a way for cities to increase revenue.  Check out the link above to see […]

Red Light Camera Tracker: Know the Locations

At The Ticket Clinic, we are at the forefront of the red light camera issue.  We believe that the cameras are an unconstitutional violation of drivers’ rights that serve only to generate revenue for cash-strapped cities. This handy link from allows you to see where the red light cameras are in your cities. Check […]

Keeping an Eye on the Red Light Camera Battle

The red light camera fight keeps raging as lawmakers attempt to ban red light cameras.  A recent report by the Miami Herald highlighted the debate after a bill to halt red light camera programs narrowly passed in a House committee vote in the Florida legislature last week. The article highlights some interesting statistics, namely that the […]

Are Red Light Cameras Really Working?

It is no secret that The Ticket Clinic has been leading the fight against red light cameras.  But constitutional issues aside, are these cameras really working? For example, an article last month in the Tampa Bay Times highlighted a concern about red light cameras that has been raised nationwide – rear-end collisions have increased at intersections […]

Red Light Camera Tickets for Making Right-Hand Turns on Red

At The Ticket Clinic, we are constantly fighting the battle against red light camera tickets.  You may already know this but if bears repeating – you can also get a red light camera ticket for making a right turn on red if you don’t come to a complete stop before turning.  However, the law allows […]

The Fight Against Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are facing scrutiny nationwide as challengers highlight the fact that the cameras are merely a way for desperate cities to balance their budgets by bringing in revenue.  In fact, studies have shown an increase in rear-end collisions in intersections with red light cameras. Today, the matter is being heavily litigated in courtrooms all […]