Traffic Ticket Attorney

4 Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You A Ticket

Here are the most common bad driving habits associated with traffic accidents. Basically, these are the habits that will result in you getting traffic tickets in Florida.  The Phone factor When you even touch your phone or look at it for a second, you’re putting yourself and a whole lot of other people at risk. […]

Learn How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Traffic Offenses in Florida

Ignorance of the law is one of the top causes for deaths on the road. Having a comprehensive knowledge about the traffic laws in Florida can help you to avoid getting into trouble with the law. In this article, we throw light on the most common traffic offenses committed on the road. Speeding There are […]

Know the Penalties of Driving with a Suspended License in Florida

Driving with a suspended license may result in penalties including fines and the possibility of jail time, with increased sentences for repeat offenders. The duration of the suspension of the driver’s license varies depending on the severity of the traffic offense, You could have your license suspended for a minimum of 30 days and for […]