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How “Sleeping it Off” Can Lead to a DUI

So you went out drinking last night, but you were responsible and took a cab home.  Now it’s morning and time to head to work so you brew a pot of coffee, scramble some eggs, hop in your car and drive to the office.  Could you be nabbed for a DUI?  It is probably the […]

The True Cost of a DUI

Check out The Ticket Clinic’s Ted Hollander talking with Money Talk News about the true cost of a DUI. While you might think a DUI will never happen to you, one drink too many at happy hour can change your life.  Check out what Ted has to say, and if you received a DUI and […]

Happy St. Paddy’s Weekend

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, a time for green beer and a designated driver.  With a few days to prepare, please take the time to figure out your transportation plans before you head out on Sunday.  A little advance planning could save you a ton of time, money and sanity down the road.  Police officers […]

Happy Holidays and Safe Driving from The Ticket Clinic!

With the holiday season upon us, ’tis the season to celebrate, and also a time to be careful and mindful of drinking and driving. The best course of action is to avoid drinking when there is a chance that you will need to drive. Police are particularly aware of the season, and the fact that […]

So You Got a DUI? Now What?

We all know drinking and driving is bad and that you should think twice before getting behind the wheel after a long Saturday night. Maybe you thought one more drink wouldn’t hurt, but it happened – you went out, you drank too much, you drove home and you got pulled over. DUI. Now what? A […]